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I have always been scared of heights.  Maybe because I used to be the kind of person that always had her feet firmly planted on the ground.  The Earth was my familiar playground. I knew the rules here. I knew what to expect. So when I put ‘Jump out of a plane’ on my bucket list, people thought I was crazy.

I remember standing on the edge of the plane door and looking at the city and sea below, and thinking this is really weird! I am literally jumping into something I have no damn clue about, and with someone who I met 10 mins ago and is strapped to me.  I am trusting a total and complete stranger with my life.  I am actually leaving the old safe Me behind.

You think that change is hard, leaving the old and familiar behind involves you giving up a lot. But it is probably the most alive you will ever feel.

As soon as I jumped, my sense of reality literally changed. The experience of the wind blasting makes you feel the power of the Wind God. Once the jump is over, we floated around in the atmosphere for about 5 to 7 minutes. The peace as you hang in mid air,  the clouds above and below you, the birds flying past you minding their own business, the tranquility, the view … it is simply beautiful.

For the first time I felt connected and in awe of the sky. The whole universe not just the ground and sea. I was a little beautiful speck in this gorgeous huge universe. So why am I limiting myself to the old, the comfortable when in reality I have the whole universe to play with?

What if we didn’t give so much importance to safe boundaries? What incredible change would we then allow into our lives?

Change. Let go of safe. Jump into something new. Become alive again.

Life Without Limits

Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic

If you are not a reader, and if you were told you have to read just ONE book, this would be THE BOOK.

Just the video inspires you, and yet humbles you.

Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs. His family, especially his parents, loved him unconditionally. The book is his story, how he had to deal with his disabilities emotionally and physically growing up. It is brutally honest, and you can feel his despair. But as the book progresses, you see this extraordinary man embrace God, have faith in God’s plan for him, and how he transforms his life into living happily and independently. There are some funny moments in the book which simply bring tears to your eyes (my favorite moment was when he stuffed himself into the baggage carrier on top of the airline seats as a prank!)

Here we are, with hands and legs, and we grumble through life. There are days nothing anyone does or anything around us makes us happy. We forget how blessed we are. We forget how it is up to us to make a choice to be happy – no matter what!

“To wish for change will change nothing. To make the decision to take action right now will change everything!”

His book offers practical day to day advice for building a life of fulfillment and happiness by accepting what you cannot change, and embracing what you can change. And that’s what Nick did. Instead of letting his disability bring him down, he embraced it, and went on to conquer one goal after another – learning how to swim to learning how to surf! Yes surf! Now that’s incredible.

I remember reading his chapter on learning how to swim and thought to myself – dammit Leena you are scared to swim why?? And I ended up enrolling into classes to learn how to swim. I figured if he can do it, so can I! Screw living in fear! :)

Go ahead and invest in this book. I promise you – you will start to live your life with happiness once you realize that it is your imperfections that make you the Unique You that you truly are!

“I found happiness when I realized that as imperfect as I may be, I am the perfect Nick Vujicic. I am God’s creation, designed according to his perfect plan for me.”

Rating: 10/10

How do you want to be remembered?

girl blowing petals in the wind

How do you want to be remembered when you decide to leave this Earth?

Everyone will be remembered. Each and every person usually is. There is always a person connected to the departed that will carry on some memory.

If that is the case, then how do you want your story to go? Do you want your story to be about what you achieved in life or in your job? Is it about your accomplishments on a project or what you did for your kids? Is it about how much joy you brought to people around you, how you inspired them or is it about how negatively you made other people feel?

Whatever has happened till date, has happened. I have come to believe that each and every day, every minute, you have the Power to Choose how to live your life. You have the Power to choose which emotions will you let go of and which ones you will let affect you.

Each day is a beautiful chance to challenge yourself, to do something new, to be a better ‘version’ of yourself. It is a chance to choose happiness, to take joy for a ride.

Holding onto the past is easy, Very easy. It keeps you safe, and within boundaries of emotions you already know – the anger, the regrets, the resentments. But as soon as you make a choice to let go of the past, as soon as you make a choice of not letting the past affect your present … that’s when you start to make room for the rest of your life to show up. That’s when you actually choose happiness for yourself.

Make a choice. The Power is Yours.

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