Art Blog: Goddess Laxmi – where it all began


In 1999, I was sitting bored, watching TV, and on a piece of paper, I started sketching this Goddess Laxmi from a Diwali greeting card.

When my mom saw it, she insisted I make the rough pencil drawing look better. So I got calligraphic pens and did this sketch. I got a cousin of mine to help me draw the eyes because I was not too confident in doing it.


That’s when my mom found a teacher who used to teach painting at home and she pushed me to go for those classes. I used to think – OMG its my weekend, my job is crazy as it is, pleaseeee let me sleep. But she saw in me a talent that even I didn’t believe I possessed.

As I started going to those classes, somehow the passion instilled in me. Until that point in my life I wasn’t sure what my talent was, what was so special about me as a human being. Somewhere there in those weekend classes, I discovered a side of me that made sense to me.

Colors made sense to me – the shades, the hues – it all made sense, even though I could not figure out the true colors of people. Brush strokes made sense to me even though I could never tell the intentions or motivations of people. Creating paintings by mixing and experimenting made sense to me even though I could not figure out the manipulative nature of people. Even when I messed up and had to restart a canvas again – even that made sense to me – but I could not understand the way people would walk away without giving things another try, another chance.

They always say even when you don’t understand yourself, your mother does. And my mom understood that her daughter is not like anyone else. She helped me find a way that I could express myself, gave me a gift that I could grow and harness in order to make sense of the nonsensical world around me.

Even now, when I’ve been stuck in my life, it’s usually been phases where I have not been painting. As soon as I take my brushes and start to paint, I pour out all my feelings, confusions, insecurities, anger, rage – everything – into it, and within days, my life shifts. Everything makes sense and it all falls into divine order.

And then at work I would be stuck trying to come up with ideas. Seriously how many ideas can one come up with on a daily basis?? In my head I would start to create a painting, and ideas would flow. If I needed something solid, I would take my canvas and the dam would break :) and we delivered at work.

You all might say ‘you always had the talent leena’ but deep down I know that it was my mom that pushed me, believed in me.

This is where it all began. :) My art. My paintings.

Thank you mommy.


Art Blog: F1 Racing Abstract Painting (Sold)


A friend of mine asked me if I could do a F1 car painting for him. I said yea of course, not realising the madness I was getting myself into.

I love sports, but there are 2 sports I simply don’t follow. F1 and Golf. I have no clue about teams or individuals or how they eventually win world titles. Yes I know Ayrton Senna and Micheal Schumacher because of their biographies and their intelligent personas but not because I watched their races!

Since he is a Ferrari Freak, the colors were pretty much determined. Reds and yellows. I knew the background had to stand out and carry the element of ‘roughness’, vibrancy and unpredictability. If I used a pallette knife or spatula, the strokes are determined … so that method of painting went out of the window.

I ended up using 5 shades of red (deep cadmium, vermillion, scarlett, crimson and flourescent) along with 3 shades of yellow (lemon, flourescent and cadmium) to create the background. I random splashed the colors with water, placed crumpled plastic on it and left it to dry for 2 days. This gave it an incredible unpredictable effect – paint raised in some areas, colours forming weird sexy patterns by blending on their own, paint peeling off in some areas – it was actually really cool!!



then sketched an abstract F1 car, with the helmet placed in the middle of the canvas, seat and back panels of the car towards the top of the canvas, and the engine curving in the front. Again I used one stroke of paint to keep true to the peeling effect created on the background.


The peeling effect reminded me of the speed at which these drivers and cars perform at. In a blink of an eye, they fly past you. You see glimpses of the F1 car, the colours and those little blurs is what you register in your mind. 

Here’s to all the Ferrari fans!


Details: Acrylics, 85 cm x 85 cm

Art blog:

Instagram: @lkewlani

Art Blog: Captain of my Soul Part 2 (Sold)


A friend of mine saw the earlier Captain of my Soul painting and picked it up. But he had a request. He came from a family of sailors and really identified with the poem I had written on my initial post. He wanted me to incorporate the poem somehow into the painting.

Placing the poem on the initial canvas was not possible. So placing it on a new canvas was the only option. But my challenge was to make both canvases flow into one painting rather than 2 separate canvases.

So I thought of creating the second canvas as though you were diving deep into the depth of the ocean. I have never dived before, so I had to rely on my imagination, pictures I have seen on the net and on a friend’s verbal account.


I have to be honest. It’s not easy for me to replicate the same colors or effect or mood on a second canvas if I paint it days later. Maybe because I am in a different place, having different thoughts, different emotions one day from another. So honestly, I am very amazed that it did happen :).


I am fascinated by sharks (actually scared shit of them!!) but it felt right to place one near the writing on the painting to balance out both canvases. As I drew it in, it made me realise even sharks are actually Captains of their own Souls.



am so grateful that he requested me to insert the poem because now this painting has actually came alive in a completely different way.

PS: yes … The sexy handwriting is mine :)

Instagram: @lkewlani


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