How To Silence The Haters & Start Listening To Your Authentic Self

A really well written article. Recently I have met a lot of extremely talented people, people with amazing business ideas, people who want to change the world we live in. The only thing holding them back is “what will others think if I do this?”

Opinions of others will not define you. You define you. Deep down we all know what will bring us true peace and happiness. Its time to really own you, be you. Sure…it’s scary as hell when you do create a change. People will drop away. But honestly, do you really need these individuals? :) Be grateful for the chance to have little adventures, meet new like minded people, new opportunities to expand your abilities wider. Be truly YOU.

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Shiva acrylic painting

Shiva is the God I believe in.ย  Painting him on canvas for the 1st time really stirred something deep inside of me. Shiva is known to be the Destroyer of darkness within. And I have to admit, whilst painting him, I had to face a lot of my ‘darkness’, my fears, my insecurities, and aspects of my side that I refused to see that were actually my strengths.

As I progressed through this painting (which took a few weeks since I had to keep walking away from it), my meditations became deeper, my dreams more intense. Instead of panicking, I knew this was a process of me really using ‘Shiva’s energy’ to dive deeper, and I simply let things happen.

IMG_20150103_235428[1]Then, one fine day, within 48 hours, all the pieces fell into place. The paints flowed, the colors glowed. Within me, there was so much peace, so much joy.ย  So many things became clear, including my focus and my purpose. The ideas that started flowing were incredible. I started jotting everything down. Dreams started connecting, and finally – the old fell through, and the new emerged.


There is only one poem / quote that always reminds me of my bond to Shiva :)

‘I AM the daughter of a KING
who is not moved by the world,
for my GOD is with me
and goes before me.
I do not fear
because I am HIS.
I AM the daughter of Shiva.’

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